Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jack Frost, Meet Virginia

When Jessica Boyd and Philip Glaesar set their wedding date last year for January 29th, 2010, they did not expect a winter blizzard to roll through Richmond that same weekend.  The city hadn't had a blizzard for years, so what were the chances? Apparently, very high. 
The blizzard came and went, and had an effect on the wedding weekend.  But the couple made the best of it, and the wedding went smoothly. 

Don Mears Photography, From the Richmond Times-Dispatch
Jessica used winter night black, snowball white, and hunter green to set the mood for this winter wedding that held all the charms of Richmond, VA - Tables were labled as famous Richmond streets.  My favorite part of the wedding: the white UGG boots Philip gave Jessica before the wedding, so that if she felt like taking off her heels she could throw on something comfy.
The bride used local vendors for the food, the dress and the decor. The dress came from Caryn's Bridal in Farmville; the menu and seating cards from Red, Orange Design; and table cards and centerpieces by Mona Ray.  The couple held the rehearsal dinner at Twenty-Seven Bistro and were married at the Renaissance Conference Center in downtown Richmond. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh, the Snow!

Good morning all,

The snow in Nashville seems to have gotten to my head!  Sadly, I don't have a blog post for you this morning, but I will be back this afternoon to share something spectacular with you.  Stay warm, stay dry.. stay inside.  Cheers!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ballerina Gowns

Design by Rodarte for Natalie Portman's dress in the film

Natalie Portman is the talk of Tinseltown once again with her film "Black Swan," which has been generating Oscar buzz since it opened last Friday. The film has inspired many haute couture designers and has led to one of my favorites trends this season - ballerina-style wedding gowns.  

Sincerity Bridal's Taffeta and Tulle Wedding Gown

It's all about the tulle, ladies.  Tulle gives women a femininity that is evident with every movement.  The design is seductive yet sophisticated.  It gives women the fairy tale look that they dreamt of as a child as she is ready to finally get her prince.  

Feathers are coming back as well.  The Spring 2011 collection of  designers - Gucci, Chanel, Zac Posen, Marchesa, Elie Saab and Kate Spade - will all feature the light accessory that enhances the ballerina-like feeling.  

For those not into the extravagance of tulle or wary of feathers, some designers have made the look more grown-up and toned down.  You can achieve the same ballerina look with draped fabrics or a slight train trailing behind the dress.  Think Sarah Jessica Parker a la Sex and The City.  Ok, so Carrie obviously needed at least one feather...


If you want to read more about the Ballerina-style trend and see the hot designers leading the way, be sure to visit: http://www.latimes.com/shopping/marketplace/weddings/la-mkt-togetherfeat-advertising-ballet-12052010,0,4140894.story