Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Advantage of Having a Winter Wedding

Now that we're finally coming out of the deep freeze that was the Polar Vortex, the majority of us (particularly those of us living in the South who forgot 9 degrees could be a legitimate temperature) are swearing off all things cold and, well, wintery. But not so fast! Winter is far from over, but we've found some really advantageous aspects of this chilly season when it comes to wedding planning, so listen up!

Typically, there aren't as many weddings happening during the winter being that it isn't really "wedding season." This can really work in your favor for a number of reasons, the biggest being the lack of competition. Since less people are planning weddings, you'll be able to have your pick of both venues and vendors without worrying so much about them already being booked and you'll have a much better chance of actually having both your dream venue and photographer. This lack of competition also comes into play when you start to take your wallet into account as well. Since not as many people are booking vendors' services, you'll see much lower prices. This allows you to spring for even more luxurious details without breaking the bank. As for your guests, you're much more likely to gather everyone that you want to be there being as you aren't competing with summer vacations and a multitude of in-season weddings. 

We hope these hints give you a little help to appreciate the next few chilly months before spring sets upon us and our mailboxes begin to be filled with wedding invitations.


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