Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Choosing Your Photography Style

With wedding, bridal and photography blogs galore, it’s easy to become inundated with choices when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer. Perhaps I can help you a bit in that process. The first factor you need to consider is your style. If you haven’t already been poking around on different websites looking at photography, do so! I would suggest starting on wedding blogs as opposed to trying to find photographers’ websites—you’ll be exposed to a greater number of photographers’ work by going to a wedding blog, and from there you can narrow your search.

Take note of things that you like and don’t like. Do you tend to favor the classic, formal shots or the more modern, edgy shots? Do you enjoy candid photos (capturing the moment as it’s happening) or portrait style (normally posed and looking at the photographer)? Another popular trend is the “vintage” look where the photographer alters the color and tone to give the photos an aged feel. If you like that look, make sure to pick a photographer who has that kind of work already in their portfolio. Some photographers do more muted colors and soft focus, while others go for bright colors that pop—think about what will look best with your wedding colors. Thanks to modern technology, most photographers can edit their photos (if digital) after the fact to make them black and white if you favor those. But make sure to ask before you move forward—the last thing you want is to have expectations or hopes that your photographer can’t meet!

Another fantastic idea that couples are starting to work into their shoot is the use of props—balloons, glasses, crowns, cookies, tickets, etc. While it’s more common to see props used during an engagement shoot, they are growing in popularity at weddings. Props shouldn’t be overdone, but a few as they relate to your theme can be a nice addition. Just remember, whatever style you choose should be what you are comfortable with, and one that you can look back at over the years and still enjoy. 
Here are some great examples of what I've discussed above:

1) Black & white. Photographer: Geneoh
2) Edgy. Blog: Style Me Pretty // Photographer: Ling Photography
3) Modern Blog: Once Wed // Photographer: Tec Petaja
4) Classic, Formal. Blog: Style Me Pretty // Photographer: DeShelia Spann Photography
5) Bright color Blog: Style Me Pretty // Photographer: Sarah Yates

6) Vintage Blog: Style Me Pretty // Photographer: Heather Saunders Photography
7) Muted color Blog: Style Me Pretty // Photographer: Love Me Do Photography
8) Prop Blog: Green Wedding Shoes // Photographer: Courtney Dellafiora
9) Props Blog: Style Me Pretty // Photographer: Sarah DiCicco
10) Props Blog: The Cherry Blossom Girl // Photographer: Marianne Taylor Photography

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