Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From the Wedding Planner: Starting a New Wedding Tradition

I recently sat down with one of my brides as she was looking through pictures from her wedding. She kept commenting on how much fun everyone looked like they were having—her uncle's great dance moves, the look on her groom's face as his best man gave the toast, etc...She couldn't believe that all of the planning, parties and toasts were over!

Giving the gift of the Anniversary Box is a special way to help the bride and groom relive the special moments of their engagement and wedding, year after year. If you're the gift giver, know that there are many opportunities for you to incorporate the Anniversary Box into the wedding festivities. Remember, there are 50 cards and envelopes (one to be opened on each Anniversary), and these can be passed out at multiple wedding events. Engagement parties, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners and the reception are all great places to hand out cards to guests. But keep in mind that if you plan on taking the Anniversary Box to multiple venues, you'll want to designate one person to distribute and collect all the cards.

Encourage guests to write from the heart, have fun and get creative—after all, they're helping to start a new tradition for the bride and groom! You may also suggest that guests add a small memento to their written message such as a cocktail napkin, place card or flower petal. You may also want to assign extra-special anniversary years to grandparents, parents or close friends.

The most important part: Don't forget to explain to guests that each card is a lovely surprise for the bride and groom to open on each anniversary; there should be no writing on the envelope, except for the pre-printed anniversary year.

Curious to see more about incorporating the Anniversary Box into an event? Visit our YouTube channel!

Videographer: William Gaff / Humanstory Films

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