Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tradition Tuesdays - The Veil


Many wedding traditions commonly practiced today are derived from rather unexpected beginnings.  The veil, for instance, began during the days of arranged marriages when it was incredibly likely that the bride and the groom had not met before meeting at the altar.  The veil hid the bride's face until after the ceremony was completed and the marriage finalized in case the groom happened not to like what he saw.  Luckily, today it’s a pretty safe bet that the groom has seen his bride before marrying her.

It wasn’t until medieval times that the veil began symbolizing the bride’s purity and chastity and holding religious significance in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  Queen Victoria turned veils into what we know them as today and made them a must have item for the 19th century bride after donning a handmade lace veil at her wedding in 1840.  Many soon believed that no proper woman would be married without one and brides began having veils made out of the most expensive lace that they could afford.  The veils were kept as family heirlooms and passed down through many generations of brides.

Tradition says that a veil borrowed from a happily married bride will bring happiness and good fortune to the wearer.  Make sure that the happiness continues by incorporating the new tradition of the Anniversary Box with tried and true traditions.  With each card, couples will be able to relive the happiness they felt when the veil was first lifted through touching notes from friends and family.    

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