Thursday, July 25, 2013

So, you're the Maid of Honor...

Congratulations! The Maid of Honor (MOH) is one of the most important roles given by the bride. She is not only counting on you to be a trusty side kick through the entire planning process, but she’s going to need you to be a huge means of emotional support. So, what do you do next?

In the months leading up to the wedding, you’ll spend long afternoons site-seeing with the bride—exploring venue after venue, smelling flowers and comparing their colors, eye balling invitations and sampling h’ors douvres from caterers and sweet confections from bakers in search of the perfect menu and cake.  After you’ve consumed more calories in cake then you want to admit, it’s time to go shopping!  If the groom can’t accompany the bride to pick out items for the wedding registry, you better bet that you’re going—this can actually be really fun as no matter how many items you scan, your bank account isn’t going to get hurt.  Make sure to spread the word about where the couple is registered as well so you can watch all of the items you have picked out come in at various engagement parties and showers. 

Once you’ve carefully examined every plate in Crate & Barrel, its time to go dress shopping!  First on the list is the lovely bride’s dress.  Make sure to ooohh and aaaahh appropriately, Mom will be there to tell her when something looks horrible so you won’t have to.  Next, it’s you’re turn.  Spin around with the other bridesmaids in strange colored frocks that poof out in weird places and smile like you mean it regardless of how utterly ridiculous you feel.  Revel in the fact that everyone will be looking at the bride anyway, so no one will notice if you look like an overgrown piglet in that particular shade of pink. 

Now it’s time to open up your wallet and start shelling out the cash.  Pay for that pink dress that you hate and pray that it comes in on time and buy whatever shoes you’re supposed to wear to match said dress.  Start planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower (unless another family member offers to throw the shower) and start splitting up expenses for these events with the other bridesmaids. Don’t forget to buy gifts for all of the parties that you’re getting invitations for in the mail and, last but certainly not least, pay for the alterations to be done to your dress because of course you’ve lost weight by the time it came in since you can no longer afford groceries.

Be sure not to drink too many mimosas at any showers, it’s your job to keep track of the brides gifts to make sure she sends thank you notes to everyone for the right gift—we wouldn’t want her to thank Aunt Liz for the lampshade from Cousin Sally instead of the down comforter, would we?

Hope you’re feeling crafty. Not only do you need to turn the ribbons from the bridal shower gifts into a bouquet for the rehearsal dinner, but you’ll be spending any free time crafting all of those DIY decorations that the bride has been oogling on Pinterest and helping to set up the seating chart. Be really careful not to put Sarah at the same table as her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend—we wouldn’t want a repeat of the dinner fiasco that happened at Lisa’s wedding…

Don’t get the silly idea that you’re all finished by the time wedding day rolls around, you’re job is just beginning! First you’ve got to get beautiful.  Accompany the bride to her hair and makeup appointments and crack that wallet one last time to make sure you’re show-ready as well.  Help the bride into her gown and keep her calm by assuring her that the zipper is only stuck and the dress will fit.  Do a quick head count and once over of all of the bridesmaids to make sure they’re all there and they all have everything that they’re supposed to, particularly Britney who you’ve seen leave her bouquet in several random spots.  Run back and forth with any last minute correspondence from the bride and grooms side because we all know how unlucky it would be if he saw her before the alter and then get ready for the big moment! It probably wouldn’t hurt to carry some extra bobby pins.

The ceremony ends and it’s finally party time!  Well, almost—after you pose for about five million pictures and your cheeks hurt from smiling and all you really want is a drink—but before that drink hits your lips remember to bustle the bride’s gown before she enters the reception hall and give a toast in honor of the newlyweds.  Be sure to help anyone find anything and keep an eye on the bride all night and helping her if she needs to change before her big departure. Once you’ve helped transfer all of the gifts, you’re finally off the clock! Pour the champagne! What do you mean everyone is gone?

All jokes aside, being the Maid of Honor is an enourmous honor and you should feel amazing knowing that your friend or family member thought highly enough of you to ask you to play this huge role in her big day.  The Anniversary Box is one way to show your appreciation and well wishes to the couple for fifty years after the wedding day.  Being an involved member of the bridal party, you will have plenty of chances to give the note cards to all of the important people in both the bride and groom’s life. It’s even a nice little speech supporter during that dreaded moment at the reception when it's your time to take the stage.

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