Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#TraditionTuesday - The Bouquet

The bouquet wasn’t always made of fresh smelling flowers. Originating in ancient Greece and Rome, bouquets were made of garlic and dill and carried to ward off evil spirits and disease.   The bouquet was often accompanied by garland worn around the necks of both the bride and the groom used to symbolize new life, hope, and fertility.

When Queen Elizabeth married Prince Albert, she replaced the traditional herbs and spices with fresh flowers – marigolds in particular.  Women quickly began following suit and using fresh flowers in their bouquets as well because of their festive appearance.

In Victorian times, flowers began holding secret love messages as each flower was assigned a unique meaning.  Brides began choosing flowers for their bouquet with regard to its traditional significance.  Baby’s breath and lilac became popular choices because they symbolized festivity and first love while lavender was often excluded as a symbol of distrust. 

Today, weddings are all about personalization and brides pick their flowers based on their wedding color palette and personal preference instead of an assigned meaning or as a means of protection.  Keeping with this growing trend of incorporating personal touches, introduce the Anniversary Box to your family’s wedding traditions as the ultimate personalized wedding gift. The bride and groom will relive the beginning of their marriage through unique letters from family and friends for years to come.  

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