Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 Reasons to have a Labor Day Weekend Wedding

Holiday weekends are becoming increasingly popular choices for couples when picking a date. Given plenty of advance notice, guests are able to treat your wedding as a vacation and your big day can easily turn into a weekend to remember.

1. Flexible Schedule - Since Labor Day adds an extra day to the weekend, you're not stuck following the age old wedding festivity formula of having the rehearsal on Friday and the ceremony on Saturday. Rehearsals can be moved back to Saturday and Weddings on Sunday being as there is a third day to this weekend.

2. Built in day off - Since Monday is already a day off for most people, they have an extra day to travel. Or, if you've chosen to forego the traditional wedding schedule and to have your rehearsal on Saturday, people are not compelled to take Friday off to travel.

3. Cheaper Vendors - By following this wedding weekend schedule and avoiding the traditional wedding weekend schedules, you have increased availability at venues and sometimes cheaper rates from venues since most of their weddings typically fall on Saturday instead of Sunday.

4. End of Summer Celebration and Getaway - By choosing a location with onsite accommodations, you are presenting your guests with an end of summer 3 day getaway. Also, what other time is more appropriate for long tables and family style menus then this last outdoor fete of the summer.

5. Not Quite Fall, Not Quite Summer - By having your wedding on the unofficial end of summer/beginning of fall weekend, you have opened up your color palette options to a multitude of seasons. Mix and match bright summer colors with neutral fall tones and play with your floral arrangements as you've found a rare time when anything goes.

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