Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brooke and Drew Kessler's Anniversary Box Story

Brooke and Drew Kessler received an Anniversary Box as a wedding shower gift before their wedding this October. This creative couple has found additional uses for the Anniversary Box, however, by creating an accompanying anniversary tradition. Each year, when they open up a letter from their family and friends, they will also each open a letter from each other from the previous year detailing their hopes and wishes for their marriage. After reading their letters, they will then each write one for the next year and seal it away in the box until the next anniversary. We don't think they'll have any problems keeping their wedding day feelings alive!

Photo via Ashley Peterson Photography

We think the Kessler's idea is a wonderful one and we're so happy they allowed us to share it with you! Do you have a unique use for your Anniversary Box? We'd love to hear them! E-mail us at or visit us at to begin your Anniversary Box story!

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