Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wedding Stationary

Wedding preparation requires focus on so many details, stationary being one of those main details. While selecting a wedding invitation may seem difficult enough, that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different types of stationary that you will need printed. We've put together a list of just exactly what you'll need printed leading up to, during, and after the big day.

Save the Date Cards
These cards announce your marriage and give your guests a heads up 8-12 months ahead of time so that they are sure to be able to make it.

Wedding Invitation
This is the star of the show. It invites your guests to your wedding and sets the stage for the big day. Be sure to mail two months in advance of the big day.

Response Card
This card is how your guests will RSVP to the wedding. Make sure to include a self addressed and stamped envelope and ask for it back a month before the wedding.

Small Card/Information Card
This contains information about the reception, directions, gift registry, hotels, and other additional information. Events and times can be listed on this card for the guests as well.

Outer Envelope
This is the envelope that will be addressed and everything else will be stuffed inside of it.

Inner Envelope
The inner envelope will include only the names of those invited to the wedding and will include the wedding invitation and the rest of the wedding information.

Thank You Card
Make sure to mail these ASAP! You can pre-address them with the names of everyone that you have invited to the wedding so that when you receive a gift you can just write the letter and drop it in the mail.

Informal Card
These cards have your names written on the front instead of "Thank You."

Wedding Announcement
If you have eloped or had a destination wedding send these out on the day of your wedding to announce it to your friends and family--particularly if you plan on returning home to party! Include any celebrations on the announcement.

This shows your guests what you will be eating on the wedding day.

Table Card
Shows guests what the table number/name of the table is so that they are able to navigate themselves to the right one if you have created a seating chart.

Place Card/Seating Card/Escort Card
These cards are labeled with your guests names and show where they will be sitting.

Wedding Program
The wedding program helps guests to follow the ceremony and introduces the wedding party.

We've added in a few of the stationary sets that we've been drooling over to give examples.

We like to think that the Anniversary Box is another integral piece of wedding stationary because it allows you to relive the feelings from your big day on your anniversary for fifty years to come. We hope that you'll think so too after you check us out here.


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