Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 10 Packing Essentials For Your Honeymoon

1. Oversized Sunglasses - Oversized sunglasses are awesome because they simultaneously allude an air of glamour and mystery all while protecting your eyes and face from the harmful UV rays. They're also really great for when you don't feel like putting your eye makeup on. Keep a pair around for those lazy brunches with your newly betrothed when you know you'll just be returning to the room afterwards.

2. Comfortable Sandals - Uncomfortable shoes or shoes that are hard to put on are not ideal for your honeymoon. You want to be able to slide into something quickly that isn't going to prohibit your ability to get around. No one wants to miss out on a spontaneous adventure because they couldn't walk through the sand in their stilettos.

3. Sunscreen - Simple. Sunburn = No fun. No sunburn = Fun.

4. Cocktail Dress - While the honeymoon may include a fair amount of lounging around and relaxation after the stress of actually pulling off the wedding, there's definitely going to be a few nights where you'll be eager to get out on the town with your honey. Be sure to bring appropriate attire and make everyone else jealous by being the best looking couple for miles!

5. Bathing Suit - For all of your aquatic endeavors.

6. Comfortable Maxi - One of the only complaints I've heard from married couples about their honeymoons is how much food they ingest over the course of the trip. But seriously, you've probably been starving yourself for umpteen months in preparation for the big day and didn't have time to eat through the actual event so now that it's happened, the pictures have been taken, and you're on vacation and stress free, by all means, EAT! DO, however, bring something comfortable to wear around after you've consumed more than you can actually handle. No one likes to squeeze themselves into shorts, even if you swear they fit two days ago.

7. Mini Umbrella - Don't let it rain on your parade! When armed with an umbrella, the rain can't do anything to dull your daily adventures.

8. Satchel - You probably won't be carrying that much around so a small one will suffice, but holding onto a clutch can become bothersome and you have a giant chance of setting it down somewhere and leaving it. A satchel, however, leaves your hands free and stays close to your body which gives added security when traveling.

9. Camera - Document this first married adventure with photos! You're definitely going to want to bore your kids with them one day.

10. An eagerness for adventure and an air of spontaneity - Relax. Everything doesn't always go exactly according to plan, but that's half of the fun! Embrace this time with your loved one and get lost in the unexpected. You'll be glad you did.

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