Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn Inspired Engagement Rings

There's something incredibly romantic about the fall. The crispness in the air makes you want to cozy up with a loved one by a crackling fire or bundle up and sip spiced hot cider while holding hands on a colorful afternoon walk. An autumn proposal is as magical as they come. What if your engagement ring could reflect that?

Thanks to Brilliant Earth and the release of their new Wisteria Collection, it can.

Brilliant Earth was founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grassberg who met at Stanford University in 2005. Prior to becoming engaged to her finance, Alex, Beth had a difficult time finding a conflict free engagement ring that lined up with her values. Through his research at Stanford, Eric found that responsibly sourced jewelry could be an extremely effective tool for social change in developing countries. The two teamed up and Brilliant Earth was born.

The pieces in the Wisteria Collection are inspired by Autumn's rustic, natural beauty. They reflect the romance of falling leaves and the graceful curves of bare autumn branches while adding a dazzling light with their purely sourced diamonds.

Our favorite ring from The Wisteria Collection, the Terra Ring

Brilliant Earth is committed to ethical sourcing, quality, service, and community. They hold their diamonds to high standards, extend excellent customer service, and donate 5% of their profit to communities affected by issues harmed by the jewelry industry, all while working in partnership with advocacy groups to promote awareness of concerns with issues including the environment and labor and mining laws.

Be one of the first to see Brilliant Earth's beautiful Wisteria Collection by clicking here.

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