Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eloping vs. A Traditional Ceremony

Time and money are two things that seem to run in short supply in our current day and age and planning a wedding can require a copious amount of both. For this reason, many couples are choosing elopement as a viable alternative to a traditional wedding ceremony. Alex Williams’ article in the New York Times states that “Eloping Does Not Mean What It Once Did” and argues how eloping is no longer reserved for the black sheep in the family lacking in family approval, but can now serve as a way to cut down on costs and time and become a moment purely for the marrying lovers to bask in instead of an elaborate show for their guests.  

While it may be wildly exciting and romantic to feel like you’re running away with your betrothed only to return with wedding bands, many people can’t escape the idea of a traditional ceremony for the lack of having their family and friends present—not because they want to put on a show, but because they want those that they are close with to be able to experience the moment along with them. Because of this, it isn’t uncommon for a couple that has eloped to have a delayed reception to announce their marriage to their loved ones. 

However, if spending the moment with only your beloved is truly what you seek, the Anniversary Box can help to share the moment with everyone that you care about without actually being in the presence of others as well as help you to relive that special moment for many years to come. By sending the cards from the Anniversary Box and a self addressed envelope along with your marriage announcements, those that you care about are able to express their feelings of joy to you and you’ll have the pleasure of reliving them year after year on your anniversary.

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