Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fenton's Anniversary Box Story

I've given Anniversary Boxes as wedding or shower gifts for a number of weddings, but it was the most recent one where I had the ability to really incorporate the Anniversary Box into the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I was the Mistress of Ceremonies, meaning I didn't have all the responsibilities of a bridesmaid, but still attended the rehearsal dinner and made sure things ran on a certain schedule. I was able to announce the Anniversary Box at the rehearsal dinner and set it out so that the guests were able to fill them out and in between making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at the wedding, I was able to hand out cards to other guests as well. The reaction that I got was amazing, people were continuously touched by the idea of the Anniversary Box and one of my friends that was a guest at the wedding even asked if I would do one for her wedding, whenever that may be. The bride and groom were both touched with the idea of a gift that would present something new on every Anniversary as well. The feeling of giving something that would become a tradition in their life together is also an added bonus. I've added some pictures from the event below!

Letters ready to be put back in the box.

Me with the lovely bride and groom!

Guests at the rehearsal dinner writing letters.

The first letter to be returned to the box.

Cards and envelopes waiting to be filled out.

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