Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Creative Wedding Gifts

Sometimes you have to get creative in order to find the perfect wedding gift, particularly if there isn't a registry provided. We've compiled different, unique wedding gifts to get your wheels turning when you can't stand the thought of giving one more set of linen napkins.

1.  A bottle of wine labeled with a significant "first" to celebrate such as First Anniversary, First House, First Fight, First Christmas, the Newlywed Toast, and a bottle of sparkling cider or lemonade to celebrate the First Baby.

2.  This clever "Life is a Picnic" marriage survival kit found on creativetryals.blogspot.ca.  The kit includes a Lawn Blanket, Thermos, Bug Net, Ice Pack, Water Bottles with Lemonade Packets, and Food Containers with clever marriage reminders attached--all packed into a cooler and ready for the newlyweds' next trip to the park.

3.  Can of Dates available from mycreativestirrings.com. For those nights when the newlyweds want to do SOMETHING but don't have the brainpower to figure something out on their own and are really over the typical dinner and a movie date. This can gives the couple a creative new thing to do by just pulling out a piece of paper!

4.  This couple received a toaster and a bag of "bread" from one of their wedding guests. Hysterical.

5.  The Anniversary Box gives newlyweds the chance to relive their wedding on each Anniversary for the next 50 years by opening a letter written by loved one on their wedding day. Anniversary Boxes can be found at www.happilyeverafterwords.com.

We hope that we've provided you with some creative inspiration when picking a gift for the next wedding that you're attending!

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