Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweating for the Wedding: Getting in Shape for the Big Day

One common top concern for the bride-to-be is getting in shape for the wedding day. Some brides swear by the barre method, some start pounding the pavement, and others get hooked on CrossFit. We've compiled some of the current trendiest pre-wedding workouts for you to try in the months leading up to your big day! We've also found some pretty cool wedding themed workout gear to keep your motivation high!

Barre workouts have been all the rage as of late, particularly with the pre-wedding crowd. Barre fuses ballet, pilates, and yoga to create a workout that does serious toning through muscle isolation while allowing you to feel poised and settled. Don't let the dainty look of these moves fool you, these ballerinas will make your muscles burn like you've never before experienced. Many barre studios offer pre-wedding packages. (Junebug Weddings)

CrossFit. You've probably heard of it. It sounds to us like one of the most addictive ways to get in shape. People LOVE it. Some people even go so far as to theme their wedding after it. But it's a group strength and conditioning program with varied workouts at each individual's level. Like Barre studios, many CrossFit gyms offer pre-wedding packages. Check out these sample WOD.

One of most simple ways to get into shape before the wedding is to just get outside and run. It doesn't require any special equipment or memberships and it's incredibly easy to train on your own. Plus, you could celebrate your success with a race before the wedding!

Not to mention there are so many cute, wedding centered workout tees available that will get your message across to everyone in the gym with you. We found these on Etsy. (And while you're there, we'll remind you that we're on Etsy, too!)

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