Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wedding Festivities & Football Season

You wouldn't think that football season and wedding season would automatically go hand in hand. They both dominate your weekends and require a very high degree of devotion from those involved. Besides, we all have those friends who won't let anything stand in the way of them and their team (or maybe we're those friends, whatever) no matter what important events we have to miss to see it. 

These couples, however, have found a way around all of this. Follow their lead and enjoy a fall shower or engagement party AND the big game with a Tailgate Party!

To throw the perfect tailgate party, listen to this girl. She sounds like she's got it down.

And this girl sounds like she definitely knows a thing or two about planning around football season.

A tailgate engagement party or shower might just be the perfect place to start handing out your Anniversary Box cards... just a thought. ;)

The Anniversary Box Team

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